Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 6 No. 3

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the last print edition of this school year, Vol. 6 No. 3! We are proud to present an edition that features rigorous research on topics ranging from analysis of the Green New Deal’s feasibility to questions of liability in outer space (you read that right!). This edition also includes interviews of Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s former speech writer and foreign policy advisor, and Fatima Goss Graves, President of the National Women’s Law Center. To read our weekly digital content, including submissions from across the U.S. and even overseas, visit our website at www.5clpp.com.

This edition and our online content were all created by our talented and diligent staff, who work during breaks and busy school weeks to produce these high-quality publications. I am honored to have worked alongside our many gifted writers; managing editor Isaac Cui; print edition editors Arthur Chang, Audrey Jang, Lea Kayali, Frankie Konner, and Désirée Santos; digital content editors Daisy Ni and Bryce Wachtell; interview editor Matilda Msall; webmaster Wentao Guo; design editor Grace Richey; and layout editor Sofia Muñoz. I am also pleased to introduce our impressive new print edition editors, who played a crucial role in the preparation of this print edition: Talia Bromberg, Ciara Chow, Calla Li, Katya Pollock, Scott Shepetin, and Sean Volke.

Since the publication of our last edition, we have hosted three campus-wide events that drew students interested in a variety of law and policy issues. First, we hosted UCLA Law School Professor Beth Colgan, who discussed public defense, the Eighth Amendment in the context of the recent Supreme Court case Timbs v. Indiana, and her career as both a lawyer and law professor. We also partnered with the 5C Debate Union to present a contentious debate about Colorado’s proposition to decriminalize psilocybin, a hallucinogenic drug made from mushrooms. Most recently, we invited a panel of practicing lawyers to relay their experiences in the field and share their advice with students interested in attending law school. Thank-you to our ever-enthusiastic business side members: director, Ande Troutman, and project manager, Carol Chen, who have worked to prepare events throughout the year and helped ensure the smooth running of the Journal.

I would like to also thank our faculty advisor Prof. Ken Miller, the Salvatori Center, the Atheneaum, and the 5C politics, legal studies, government, and public policy departments, for their continued support. We are always grateful to all of our readers, partners, and alumni. If you enjoy reading the Journal and are interested in submitting your own work for potential publication, we encourage you to visit the “Submissions” page on our website for details. If you feel that you could be a valuable addition to our team, we invite you to visit our “Hiring” page for potential openings. For any further inquiries, please email us at info.5clpp@gmail.com.

This letter is the last I’ll write as Editor-in-Chief of CJLPP. While the publication of the last annual print edition is inevitably bittersweet for graduating seniors, the Journal’s future seems too bright for us to lament the year’s end. Over the past few months, our organization has only seen growth. Not only has our online readership drastically increased – last year, our maximum number of views per month amounted to 2,513, whereas this year it reached 6,414 – but our members have demonstrated greater engagement and commitment to the community than I’ve witnessed during my three years on the Journal. Our members “like” and share one another’s work online, collaborate to organize campus-wide events, and attend weekly dinners and workshops to get to know each other better and strengthen working relationships. I attribute our recently increased readership to this increasingly supportive culture. I have no doubt that, with the leadership of our next Editor-in-Chief, Isaac Cui, and Chief Operating Officers, Daisy Ni and Bryce Wachtell (who will study abroad during alternating semesters next year), the Journal will continue on this upward trajectory prompted not only by the skill and dedication of our current members, but also the foundation laid by those who preceded us. I cannot wait to see what lies in store for CJLPP.

Yours in law and policy,

Greer Levin


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