Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Vol. 7 No. 2

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Volume 7, Number 2 of the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy! We received a record number of submissions for this edition, which includes analyses of campaign finance reform, pre-natal healthcare in prisons, insulin pricing, and much more. We also have a wide-ranging interview with Professor Ken Kersch of Boston College; Staff Writer Sarah Wilson talked with Professor Kersch about President Trump and the conservative movement, methods of constitutional interpretation, and popular constitutionalism. The CJLPP, as always, maintains an active online presence at www.5clpp.com.

Coming off the tails of Thanksgiving in the United States, I want to express how thankful I am for all of our wonderful journalers. Our Print Edition Editors for Volume 7, Number 2 — Talia Bromberg, Sean Volke, Ciara Chow, and Calla Li — worked incredibly hard and under tight deadlines to prepare this print edition. Preparations for our upcoming symposium on migration, which will become Volume 7, Number 3, are being led by Katya Pollock — who is in essence preparing an entire edition on her own! Credits for the print edition’s updated design go to Sofia Muñoz, our Design Editor. Lauren Rodriguez, our Interview Editor, not only helped with interviewing Professor Kersch but also with establishing a more formal process for interviews with the CJLPP. Our Campus Policy Editor, Alison Jue, and our Digital Content Editors, Alex Simard and Christopher Tan, have been busy ensuring our website has consistent and quality content; they have been supported by Webmaster Aden Siebel, whose work has drastically improved the readability and visual appeal of our website. Ali Kapadia, our Business Director, has led the business team in planning ambitious events: The team hosted a standing-room-only event on the Hong Kong protests, and they have even bigger events planned next semester (stay tuned!). Additionally, our writers — both digital content and staff writers — are indispensable members of the journal. And, of course, I must express my thanks to Daisy Ni, our Chief Operating Officer, who was a consistent source of support and advice throughout this last semester. Words cannot express how important Daisy was to keeping this organization afloat and fostering the journal’s sense of community.

I am sad to report that Daisy, Aden, Chris, Sean, and Staff Writer Musa Kamara will be going abroad next semester. Luckily, Chief Operating Officer Bryce Wachtell and Print Edition Editor Scott Shepetin will be returning from their semesters abroad; with their help, I am confident that the CJLPP is well-positioned for a strong spring semester.

Finally, I thank our faculty advisor, Professor Amanda Hollis-Brusky, for her sponsorship. The CJLPP is also indebted to the 5C student governments, the Salvatori Center, the Athenaeum, and the 5C politics, legal studies, government, and public policy departments. For those who are interested in joining us, please see the “Hiring” section of our website or email us at info.5clpp@gmail.com. We also always welcome submissions to our blog and future print editions; for more information, see the “Submissions” section of our website.

Enjoy the holidays, and happy reading!


Isaac Cui


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