The Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy is an undergraduate journal published by students of the Claremont Colleges. Student writers and editorial staff work together to produce substantive legal and policy analysis that is accessible to audiences at the five colleges and beyond. Together, we intend to build a community of students passionately engaged in learning and debate about the critical issues of our time!

Board of Directors

April Xiaoyi Xu PO ’18

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Martin Sicilian PO ’17

Chief Operating Officer
Henry Head CMC ’17

Senior Editors
Calla Cameron CMC ’17
Emily Zheng PO ’19
Greer Levin SC ’19
Jerry Yan PO ’18
Kate Dolgenos PO ’17

Blog Editors
Kate Dolgenos PO ’17
Kyla Eastling CMC ’18

Interview Editor
Caroline Skinner SCR ’17

Business Directors
Ali Kapadia PO ’20
Franco Liu PO ’20
Kim Tran PO ’20

Jessica Azerad CMC ’17

Alice Zhang SCR ’19

Faculty Advisor
Professor Amanda Hollis-Brusky PO


Blog Writers
Claire Li CMC ’19
Dina Rosin CMC ’20
Izzy Simon PO ’18
James Dail CMC ’20
Lindsey Mattila CMC ’17

Staff Writers
Adrián Del Busto PO ’19
Audrey Jang PO ’19
Christina Ge CMC ’20
David Ahia PO ’18
Delaney Hewitt SCR ’20
Desiree Santos SCR ’19
Gabe Magee PO ’20
Helen Guo PO ’20
Isaac Cui PO ’20
Jack Gleiberman CMC ’19
James Mclntyre PO ’19
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann SCR ’18
Kyleigh Mann CMC ’18
Lea Kayali PO ’19
Maimouna Diarra PO ’19
Matilda Msall SCR ’19
Mattie Bono SCR ’19
Neel Karody PO ’19
Nicole Hsu SCR ’20
Theresa Gibbons ’18
William Shi CMC ’20

Past Editors-in-Chief

Byron Cohen CMC ’16 (Founder)
Henry Appel CMC ’15
Martin Sicilian PO ’17