The Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy is an undergraduate journal published by students of the Claremont Colleges. Student writers and editorial staff work together to produce substantive legal and policy analysis that is accessible to audiences at the five colleges and beyond. The CJLPP is also proud to spearhead the Intercollegiate Law Journal project. Together, we intend to build a community of students passionately engaged in learning and debate about the critical issues of our time!

Executive Board

Greer Levin SCR ’19

Managing Editor
Isaac Cui PO ’20

Print Edition Editors
Arthur Chang PO ’20
Nashi Gunasekara SCR ’19
Audrey Jang PO ’19
Lea Kayali PO ’19
Frankie Konner PZ ’21
Desiree Santos SCR ’19
Emily Zheng PO ’19

Digital Content Editors
Allie Carter CMC ’19
John Nikolaou CMC ’19

Wentao Guo PO ’19

Interview Editor
Matilda Msall SCR ’19

Campus Policy Editor
Dina Rosin CMC ’20

Business Directors
Ali Kapadia PO ’20
Ande Troutman CMC ’19

Design Editor
Grace Richey SCR ’19


Staff Writers
Clare Burgess CMC ’20
Ciara Chow PO ’22
Emma Cornwell SCR ’19
McKenzie Deutsch SCR ’19
Ace Elliott PZ ’19
Hutchinson Fann PO ’21
Delaney Hewitt SCR ’20
Jordan Hollinger PZ ’19
Jackson Kinder PO ’21
Alec Lei PO ’21
Calla Li PO ’22
James McIntyre PO ’19
Liz Murray PO ’21
Helena Ong PO ’20
Zoey Ryu CMC ’20
Michaela Shelton PO ’21
Aden Siebel PO ’21
Angela Sun HMC ’19
Christopher Tan PZ ’21
Marie Tano PO ’21
International and D.C. Correspondents
Alison Jue CMC ’19
Milo Kremer PO ’20
Digital Content Writers
James Dail CMC ’20
Daisy Ni PO ’21
Francis Northwood PO ’21
Blake Plante PO ’19
Katya Pollock PO ’21
Kimberly Tuttle CMC ’19
J. Bryce Wachtell, PO ’21
Project Manager

Maimouna Diarra PO ’19

Faculty Advisor

Ken Miller CMC

Past Editors-in-Chief

Byron Cohen CMC ’16 (Founder)
Henry Appel CMC ’15
Martin Sicilian PO ’17
April Xiaoyi Xu PO ’18